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Original Album Classics
Michel Petrucciani
első megjelenés éve: 2009
(2009)   [ LIMITED ]

5 x CD
8.181 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1. CD tartalma:
1.  Les Grelots
2.  Jean-Philippe Herbien
3.  All the Things You Are
4.  I Wrote You a Song
5.  So What
6.  These Foolish Things
7.  Amesha
8.  Simply Bop
2. CD tartalma:
1.  35 Seconds of Music and More
2.  Brazilian Like
3.  Training
4.  Colors
5.  Petite Louise
6.  Chloé Meets Gershwin
7.  Chimes
8.  Guadeloupe
9.  On Top of the Roof
3. CD tartalma:
1.  Looking Up
2.  Besame Mucho
3.  Rachio
4.  Chloé Mets Gershwin
5.  Home
6.  Brazilian Like
7.  Little Piece in C for U
8.  Romantic But Not Blue
9.  Trilogy in Blois
10.  Caravan
11.  She Did It Again/Take the a Train/She Did It Again
4. CD tartalma:
1.  These Foolish Things
2.  Little Peace in C for U
3.  Flamingo
4.  Sweet Georgia Brown
5.  I Can't Get Started
6.  I Got Rhythm
7.  I Love New York in June
8.  Misty
9.  I'll Remember April
10.  Lover Man
11.  There Will Never Be Another You
12.  Valse du Passé
13.  Pennies from Heaven [*]
14.  Blues [*]
15.  Night and Day [*]
5. CD tartalma:
1.  Training
2.  September Second
3.  Home
4.  Little Peace in C for U
5.  Love Letter
6.  Cantabile
7.  Colors
8.  So What
9.  Take the "A" Train [*]
Jazz / Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz

Michel Petrucciani - Piano
Anthony Jackson - Bass
Bob Brookmeyer - Arranger, Trombone
Eddy Louiss - Organ (Hammond)
Flavio Boltro - Trumpet
Francis Dreyfus - Producer
George Mraz - Bass
Héléne Dreyfus - Producer
Jean Ber - Cover Photo
Roger Roche - Engineer, Mixing
Roy Haynes - Drums
Scott Hull - Mastering
Stéphane Grappelli - Violin
Steve Gadd - Drums
Yves Chamberland - Producer

5 CD Deluxe Giftpack

Disc 1, 3, 5: Live

Michel Petrucciani

Active Decades: '70s, '80s and '90s
Born: Dec 28, 1962 in Orange, France
Died: Jan 06, 1999 in New York, NY
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Contemporary Jazz, Mainstream Jazz

Michel Petrucciani overcame the effects of osteogenensis imperfecta (a bone disease that greatly stunted his growth) to become a powerful pianist. Originally greatly influenced by Bill Evans and to a lesser extent Keith Jarrett, Petrucciani developed his own individual voice. He started by playing in the family band with his guitarist father and bassist brother. At the age of 15 he had the opportunity to play with Kenny Clarke and Clark Terry, and at 17 he made his first recording. Petrucciani toured France with Lee Konitz in a duo (1980) and moved to the U.S. in 1982. At that time he coaxed Charles Lloyd out of retirement and toured with his quartet, a mutually beneficial relationship. Petrucciani was a strong attraction in the U.S., usually playing with a quartet (sometimes featuring Adam Holzman's synthesizer for color) or as a soloist; in 1986 he recorded at Montreux with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter. Although Petrucciani's ability to overcome his affliction was admirable, his impressive playing stood by itself; he died of a pulmonary infection on January 6, 1999.
---Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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