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Original Album Classics - Nuff Said! / To Love Somebody / Black Gold / It Is Finished / Nina Simone and Piano! (5CD) CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Original Album Classics - Nuff Said! / To Love Somebody / Black Gold / It Is Finished / Nina Simone and Piano! (5CD)
Nina Simone
első megjelenés éve: 2009
210 perc

5 x CD
6.177 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1. CD tartalma:
1.  In the Morning
2.  Sunday in Savannah
3.  Backlash Blues
4.  Please Read Me
5.  Gin House Blues
6.  Why? (The King of Love is Dead)
7.  Peace of Mind -- 1994 Remastered
8.  Ain't Got No -- I Got Life (From the Musical Produc)
9.  I Loves You Porgy (From Porgy & Bess)
10.  Take My Hand Precious Lord -- Remixed
11.  Do What You Gotta Do
2. CD tartalma:
1.  Suzanne
2.  Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)
3.  Revolution (Part 1)
4.  Revolution (Part 2)
5.  To Love Somebody -- Album Version
6.  I Shall Be Released
7.  I Can't See Nobody
8.  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues -- July 1993 Remastered
9.  The Times They Are a Changin'
3. CD tartalma:
1.  Introduction/black is the Color of My True Love's
2.  Band Introduction
3.  Music Interlude
4.  Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair
5.  Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair
6.  Ain't Got No -- I Got Life
7.  West Wind
8.  Who Knows Where the Time Goes
9.  The Assignment Song
10.  To Be Young, Gifted & Black
4. CD tartalma:
1.  The Pusher
2.  Com' by H'yere-good Lord
3.  Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
4.  Mr. Bojangles
5.  I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
6.  Dambala
7.  Let It Be Me
8.  Obeah Woman
5. CD tartalma:
1.  Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You -- Remastered
2.  Nobody's Fault but Mine
3.  I Think It's Going to Rain Today
4.  Everyone's Gone to the Moon -- 2001 Remastered
5.  Compassion (A/k/a Compensation)
6.  Who Am I? -- 2001 Remastered
7.  Another Spring -- 2001 Remastered
8.  The Human Touch -- 2001 Remastered
9.  I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometime)
10.  The Desperate Ones -- 2001 Remastered
11.  Music for Lovers
bonus track
12.  In Love in Vain
bonus track
13.  I'll Look Around
bonus track
14.  The Man with the Horn
bonus track
Jazz / Vocal, Torch Songs, Standards, Vocal Jazz
Disc 1 & 3: Live

Al Schackman Guitar
Avram Schackman Guitar (Acoustic), Sitar, Bass, Spanish Guitar
Charles D. Alias Drums
Doris Willingham Vocals
Gene Perla Bass
Harold Wheeler Conductor, Arranger, Producer
Horace Ott Conductor, Arranger
Jimmy Wisner Arranger, Conductor
Joe Rene Producer
Nadi Qamar Harp
Nat Shapiro Producer
Nina Simone Conductor, Concept, Arranger, Producer
Tom Berman A&R
Virdia Crawford Vocals
Weldon J. Irvine Organ
The Original Album Classics series by Sony BMG in Germany is an attempt to clear shelves of catalog titles that are lying about, but it inadvertently provides a great opportunity for those who have developed a sincere interest in an artist or band via a greatest-hits comp but have yet to score any actual titles, or for hardcore fans looking to fill in holes in their CD collections. These budget-priced, (loosely) chronologically compiled, completely remastered collections feature full-length albums -- in this case the five of the last seven albums from Nina Simone's RCA period: ’Nuff Said! (1968), Nina Simone and Piano! (1969) To Love Somebody (1969), Black Gold (1970), and It Is Finished (1974). What is missing here chronologically are two records: Here Comes the Sun, issued in 1971, and her classic, Emergency Ward!: In Concert album from 1972. The records contained in this slipcase box are, for many, a mixed bag, as Simone was branching out into much more adventurous terrain and simultaneously interpreting pop songs of the era in her own inimitable way. These are for the seasoned Simone fans who are well aware of her unpredictability and can celebrate it. For the novice who might be looking for more than a best-of, try her Colpix or Philips sides first for context. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Disc 1: Nuff Said! (1968),
disc 2: To Love Somebody (1969),
disc 3: Black Gold (1970),
disc 4: It Is Finished (1974),
disc 5: Nina Simone and Piano! (1969)

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