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Trioism [Winter & Winter] CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Trioism [Winter & Winter]
Paul Motian Trio, Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano, Dewey Redman
első megjelenés éve: 1993
50 perc
(2006)   [ DIGIPACK ]

4.401 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1.  It's Should've Happened a Long Time Ago
2.  Cosmology
3.  Blue Midnight
4.  Congestion
5.  Monica's Garden
6.  Jack of Clubs
7.  Play
8.  In Remembrance of Things Past
9.  Zabel
10.  Endgame
Jazz / Post-Bop

Recorded: Jun 1993

Trioism - the Paul Motian trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano continues its work which has been so fruitful for over ten years with a new album on JMT. Hardly any other group of the current jazz scene could claim to have stayed at the top with such continuity. 1994 the now sixty-two year old Motian still won't stop searching for the possibility of musical expression which is deeply rooted in its time.
Motians musical biography exhibits experiences in groups which should become a most important parts of jazz history. In the late fifties Motian played with the legendary Bill Evans Trio which undertook a new approach regarding the division of solo and accompanying musicians and hereby emancipated the drummer from the role of a mere time-keeper.
During the Sixties Motian continued to experiment with the musical potential of drumming in groups lead by jazz greats like Coleman Hawkins, Oscar Pettiford and Charles Lloyd.
In the late Sixties Motian started playing with Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden. After a couple of years as a trio, Dewey Redman joined the group. This Quartet became one of the most innovative groups of its time. Dissolved in 1976, however, each of its members experienced their personal breakthrough in the world of jazz.
During the Seventies Motian released his first albums as a leader: Conception Vessel and Tribute. He was supported by musicians like Charlie Haden, Keith Jarrett, Leeroy Jankins and Sam Brown. In the beginning of the Eighties Motian was looking for new ways to express himself within new kinds of settings. Paul remembers: "During that period I wanted guitars". It was Pat Metheny who recommended Bill Frisell. Working together with him and saxophone player Joe Lovano constantly marked the evolution of the trio format, which has been documented on eight albums for JMT so far.
After the live-recording In Tokyo (JMT 919 052-2) Paul Motian presents his trio in its pure version for the second time on Trioism. On his earlier JMT releases Paul added prominent guests like Lee Konitz and Charlie Haden to redefine standard-tunes (Paul Motian on Broadway Vol. 1, 2, 3) and to interpret compositions of Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk in a way they had never been played before. On last year's Paul Motian And The Electric Bebop Band (JMT 919 061-2) Motian stepped vividly into the fields of bebop classics by interpreting them with electric instrumentation.
Trioism now represents everything else than a mere retrospective of a drummer who has come into his years. The sound of the trio has matured without having lost touch with the developments of our time.
We just have to listen to Bill Frisells guitar playing: The trio gives him space to create a sound which still remains unique in 1994. No other guitar player in the current jazz scene manages to link a rather noise and sound oriented approach with harmonic and tonal elements in such a determined way - and to question the seperation of this two aspects of music at the same time.

Joe Lovano, who owes the Paul Motian Trio his breakthrough, completes the sound of the trio with his powerful but also intense and sensitive tone. Guitar and saxophone communicate on the highest musical level without stopping to serve Motians compositions.
Paul Motian pushes his compositions forward with most impulsive and flexible play. He relates to the musicality, structure and sound of the compositions, he reacts as well as he initiates new musical movements.
Trioism contains ten compositions by Paul Motian. It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago, the first piece of the CD, is very calm but nevertheless forceful. Its theme contrasts a collectively produced sound-scape, vanishes, turns up again and is treated in an almost minimalistic way. Cosmology, the second composition, sweeps this impression away with a rough theme which is deconstructed in a furious solo dialog between Lovano and Frisell. Constant change of moods, from aggressiveness to fragile and impressionistic parts, are a main quality of Trioism. Dewey Redman, one of Motian's first important musical influences, joins the trio on In Rememberance Of Things Past. On this tune it may seem like Motian is looking back in his own past, yet he turns out to be still saying some very important things for today.
-Original Press Text written in 1994

Paul Motian - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone

Dewey Redman - tenor saxophone

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