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Poncho at Montreux[ ÉLŐ ] *DualDisc* CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Poncho at Montreux [ ÉLŐ ]
Poncho Sanchez
első megjelenés éve: 2004
Jazz / Afro-Cuban Jazz / Cuban Jazz / Latin Jazz
(2004)   [ ENHANCED ]

2 x *DualDisc*
5.540 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1. *DualDisc* tartalma:
1.  One Mint Julep
2.  Shing-A-Ling
3.  Guaripumpe
4.  I Showed Them
5.  Conmigo
6.  Out of Sight
7.  Batri Cha Cha
8.  Watermelon Man
2. *DualDisc* tartalma:
1.  One Mint Julep
2.  Shing-A-Ling
3.  Guaripumpe
4.  I Showed Them
5.  Conmigo
6.  Out of Sight
7.  Batri Cha Cha
8.  Watermelon Man
9.  Batri Cha Cha
10.  Artist Photos
11.  ROM Content
12.  Discography
13.  Biography
Jazz / Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Cuban Jazz

Poncho Sanchez - Percussion, Conga, Arranger, Vocals
A.J. Lara Digital Editing
Adrian Van Velsen Audio Master, Mastering
Al Schmitt Engineer
Ana Baracca Package Design
Bob Michaels Executive Producer
Claude Nobs Creation, Producer
David Torres, Jr. Organ, Piano
Francisco Torres Trombone, Vocals (Background)
Gary Lux Mixing
George Ortiz Timbales
Greg Deutelbaum Direction, Product Development
Jannelle Guillot Voiceover
Jason Desmond Digital Editing
Jeff Dean Executive Producer
John Burk Producer, Executive Producer
John Trickett Executive Producer
Kehni Davis Quality Control
Ken Ramos Assistant
Kristian Storli Authoring
Larry Sanchez Band Technician
Mark Kornweibel Video Editor, Transfers
Melinda Pepler Project Coordinator
Michael Yip Mastering Assistant, Mixing
Norman Seeff Cover Photo
Rupesh Pattni Design
Salvador Vazquez Conga, Tres, Bongos, Vocals (Background), Percussion
Serafin Aguilar Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Seth Presant Mixing, Associate Producer, Pro-Tools
Tony Banda Bass, Vocals (Background)

Disc 1: CD-side
Disc 2: DVD-side

Poncho Sanchez is one of today's most recognizable faces in Latin and Jazz music. Entering his third decade as a bandleader and multi-instrumentalist, Poncho has garnered more than a half-dozen Top 20 Jazz albums. The GRAMMY award winning composer combines Latin Jazz with the RB and Soul styles he loves to create a fiery, funky fusion that keeps the dance floor jumping. PThis concert performance was captured at the 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival. Poncho guides his band through highlights from his storied career, and blends in works by James Brown and Herbie Hancock for good measure.

If it can be believed, Poncho's band is as tight on-stage as they are in the studio. With intricate hits from the percussion section and screaming horn kicks, all with Swiss watch timing, it is no wonder that Sanchez is one of the best-known bandleaders in Latin jazz. The only cue to the listener that this is a live recording is the enthusiastic applause of the adoring audience at the Montreux Jazz Festival. As has become a hallmark of Sanchez's particular style, almost all the tunes strut along at guaracha tempo, barely ever breaking a sweat. Similarly, the repertoire choices tend to hover around bluesy changes and soul sensibility. The effect is a whole lot of California, and not a lot of Cuba. Perhaps this sensibility is a product of his long stint with the hugely popular bandleader Cal Tjader, who had also developed a very accessible style, making Afro-Cuban easily digestible and palatable to a wide range of listeners. Perhaps it is because the sparse approach allows every note to ring clear, creating an imminently listenable sound. Whatever the source, tight, less-is-more playing seems to be the order of the day, and has, over time, won Sanchez an enormous fan base. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide

Poncho Sanchez

Active Decades: '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s
Born: Oct 30, 1951 in Laredo, TX
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Afro-Cuban Jazz, Changui, Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz

Ever since he led his first record date in 1982, Poncho Sanchez has headed one of the most popular and influential Latin jazz bands around. The youngest of 11 children, Sanchez taught himself to play guitar, flute, drums, and timbales before settling on the congas. After a period playing with local bands, he joined Cal Tjader's band in 1975 and was an important part of Tjader's pacesetting group until his idol's death in 1982. Shortly after he formed his own band and has since recorded on a regular basis for Concord Picante. Sanchez's group is very active, playing in clubs, concerts, and festivals on a regular basis.
---Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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