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Encontros (Meetings) CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Encontros (Meetings)
Nilson Matta & Hendrik Meurkens
első megjelenés éve: 2000
57 perc

Kosaramba teszem
1.  Summer in San Francisco
2.  Baden
3.  Amor Em Paz
Once I Loved
4.  Chorinho No. 2
5.  Rosa
6.  Junity
7.  Chega de Saudade
No More Blues
8.  Prague in March
9.  Forests
Let Them Be Free
10.  This Is for Luisa
11.  O Ovo The Egg
Jazz / Ethnic Fusion

Recorded: Sorcerer Studios, New York, New York.

Nilson Matta - bass
Hendrik Meurkens - harmonica, vibraphone
Maucha Adnet - vocals
Dado Moroni - piano
Helio Alves - piano
Romero Lubambo - acoustic guitar, cavaquinho
Duduka Da Fonseca - drums
Cafe - percussion

This delightful CD is the long-postponed project of two popular interpreters and composers of Brazilian music: bassist Nilson Matta and Hendrick Meurkens on vibes, marimba, and chromatic harmonica, making wistful, soulful sounds that blend naturally into this harmonic landscape. The other players include the splendid Italian jazz pianist Dado Moroni on two tracks and four superb Brazilian musicians based in New York: guitarist Romero Lubambo, drummer Duduka Da Fonsesca, vocalist Maucha Adnet, and pianist Helio Alvez, known for his clean, swinging lines. Two Jobim standards are nicely done: the languid "Amor em Paz," with lovely soloing by Lubambo, and the triumphant "Chega de Saudade" (aka "No More Blues"), where the mix doesn't capture Adnet's satiny, live voice, but can't hide her impeccable time. The closer is a free-form romp on Hermeto Pascoal's "O Ovo," where Da Fonsesca finally gets to stretch out and shine. The rest are tuneful originals by the co-leaders, such as Meurken's evocative travel pieces -- "Summer in San Francisco" and "Prague in March" -- and Matta's beautiful bossa tributes to his mother, "Rosa," and wife, "This Is for Luisa." There's also Meurken's jolly, jazzy version of the traditional chorinho and Matta's churning salute to Baden Powell, which highlights his strong, warm bass work and contains a surprise: a Bach prelude that swings hard. Fine work all around and an excellent, varied sampler of Brazilian jazz.
---Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide

Includes liner notes by Lee Jeske

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