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Never Let Me Go CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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Never Let Me Go
Von Freeman, Jodie Christian, Eddie de Haas, Wilbur Campbell
első megjelenés éve: 1994

4.711 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1.  I'll Remember April
2.  Never Let Me Go
3.  Alone Together
4.  In My Solitude
5.  I'll Follow You
6.  It Could Happen to You
7.  The End of a Love Affair

Wilbur Campbell (drums)
Jodie Christian (piano)
Von Freeman (tenor sax)
Eddie de Haas (bass)

Chicago's grand tenorman Von Freeman at the age of 72 (b. October 3, 1922 in Chicago) is a respected and most loved elder of the jazz scene in the Windy City. Von has been on producer Nils Winther's top priority list of the musicians he wanted to record. The dream came true in the late spring of 1992. Von's powerful tenor is tastefully supported by his regular rhythm section whom he has worked with for many years.

Von Freeman

Active Decades: '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s
Born: Oct 03, 1922 in Chicago, IL
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Hard Bop

Not nearly so famous as his son Chico Freeman (also a tenor saxophonist), Von Freeman is nevertheless equally -- if not more -- accomplished as a jazz musician. Von Freeman, while not per se a free jazz player, does exhibit traits commonly associated with the avant-garde: a roughly-hewn, vocalic tone; a flexible, somewhat imprecise approach to rhythm; and a fanciful harmonic concept. The son of a ragtime-loving policeman and guitar-playing housewife, Freeman himself began playing music around the age of two, beginning on the family piano. He was surrounded by music from a young age; his maternal grandfather and uncle were guitarists, and his brothers George and Bruz also became jazz musicians (on guitar and drums, respectively). At the age of seven, Freeman made a primitive saxophone by removing the horn from his parents' Victrola and boring holes in it. Shortly thereafter he began playing clarinet, then C-melody saxophone. Louis Armstrong was an early influence.
Freeman attended Chicago's DuSable High School, where his band director was the famed educator Captain Walter Dyett. He also learned harmony from the school's chorus director, Mrs. Bryant Jones. Freeman worked for about a year with Horace Henderson's Orchestra (l940-1941). He played in a Navy band while in the military (1941-1945). Following that, he played in the house band at Chicago's Pershing Ballroom (1946-1950), and for a time with Sun Ra (1948-1949). While at the Pershing, he played with many of the top jazz musicians who passed through town, including Charlie Parker. Freeman developed an underground reputation among Chicago-area musicians, and purportedly influenced members of the city's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Freeman seldom left Chicago and recorded infrequently, therefore never achieving a great measure of fame.
Freeman recorded with Milt Trenier for Cadet in the mid-'60s; Rahsaan Roland Kirk produced a Freeman session for Atlantic in 1972. In the late '70s (as his son Chico became well-known) Von was discovered by a somewhat-wider audience. In 1982, Chico and Von shared a Columbia LP with pianist Ellis Marsalis and his sons Wynton and Branford (Fathers & Sons). In the '90s Freeman recorded for the Steeplechase and Southport labels. Freeman is one of the great individualists of the tenor saxophone, and remained creatively vital through the end of the millennium.
---Chris Kelsey, All Music Guide

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