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The Alon Farber Hagiga Quintet feat. Avishai Cohen, Alon Farber Hagiga
első megjelenés éve: 2008

4.500 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1.  Illusions swamp
2.  Monkeys
3.  Hagiga
4.  Jinji serenade
5.  A chat with Ornette
6.  Mi ze Itzik?
7.  Run Itzik, run!
8.  Runnin' out
Recorded at Zaza Studios in Kyrat Shaul, Israel on June 2003

Alon Farber (ss, as), Hagai Amir (as), Uzi Finerman (g), Tal Ronen (b), Dani Benedikt (d), Avishai Cohen (tp on #2,3,4)

The Hagiga Quintet, formed in 2001 in Tel-Aviv by Alon Farber and DaniBemedikt, joins together five musicians who seek new connections with jazz and contemporary music. The Hagiga is a unique group that combines original compositions, in varios styles (swing, funk, latin jazz, jazz) with group improvisation and free interaction.
The compositions are inspired by the music of Wayne Shorter and Dave Douglas. From there the Hagiga takes off to create a new exciting atmosphere, spiced with mediterranean taste.

All selections written and arranged by Alon Farber.


"Looks like "hagiga" is Hebrew for "celebration" -- dumb luck that I figured that out. This is an upbeat, postbop Israeli group, with two saxophones (Farber on soprano and alto, Hagai Amir on alto), guitar, bass and drums, with New York-based Israeli trumpeter Avishai Cohen guesting on three cuts. They state the music is inspired by Wayne Shorter and Dave Douglas, which sounds close enough, although I'll also note that one song is called "A Chat With Ornette." Complex and fluid, a rich feel, lots of movement. Cohen certainly earns his featured slot. B+(**)"
--- Tom Hull,


"This Tel Aviv-based group influences include Wayne Shorter and Dave Douglas while attempting to display their own style with brassy horns, a meaty rhythm section, and subtle hints of their Middle Eastern heritage. Like a musical chameleon the group changes their persona to fit many musical styles. "Illusions Swamp" is imbued with a psychedelic guitar vibrato and free jazz horns. "Monkeys" has a funky backbeat and "A Chat with Ornette," dedicated to the free jazz icon Ornette Coleman, is filled with sweet sax solos and a swinging tempo; while the song that most exemplifies their homeland is "Mi ze Itzik?" which combines both traditional jazz and Jewish music. Though the recording suffers from a lack of a singular identity these musicians are quite talented."
--- Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

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