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The Colors of Latin Jazz - A Latin Vibe! CD CD, DVD, BLU-RAY lemez, ajándék tárgyak (póló, baseball sapka)

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The Colors of Latin Jazz - A Latin Vibe!
Cal Tjader, Caribbean Jazz Project, Gary Burton, Hendrik Meurkens, Joe Locke, Manfredo Fest, Poncho Sanchez, Ray Vega, Terry Gibbs, Tito Puente
első megjelenés éve: 2000
59 perc

4.017 Ft 


Kosaramba teszem
1.  Mambo Diablo
Tito Puente
2.  Arthur's Dance (Danzón Para Arturo)
Caribbean Jazz Project
3.  Madison Square
Manfredo Fest
4.  Aleluia
Cal Tjader
5.  Morning
Poncho Sanchez
6.  Stepping Stone
Ray Vega, Joe Locke
7.  Tanguedia
Gary Burton
8.  Descarge Canelon
Caribbean Jazz Project
9.  Speak Low
Cal Tjader
10.  Song for Cal
Poncho Sanchez
11.  Prague in March
Hendrik Meurkens
12.  Jordu
Tito Puente, Terry Gibbs
Latin Jazz
Afro-Cuban Jazz

The first CD in the Colors of Latin Jazz series spotlights awe-inspiring performances by vibraphone virtuosos Dave Samuels, Joe Locke, Gary Burton, Cal Tjader, and Terry Gibbs that take you to a place only the most legendary Latin jazz artists dare to go on songs like "Mambo Diablo" and "Jordu," both featuring the show-stopping percussion of the legendary bandleader Tito Puente. Puente, the brilliant scholar, distinguished gentleman, musical diplomat, fun-loving bandleader, and percussionist who has been the most influential man in Latin jazz for nearly 60 years recorded over 119 albums and CDs. These songs are just two from "El Rey's" Grammy Award-winning career at Concord Picante and were originally released on Mambo Diablo and Sensacion. His mastery of Latin rhythms are captured on these excellent mambo compositions that have transmitted his Cuban-inflected sounds to every corner of the world. Tito Puento, the ambassador of Latin jazz, died on Ascension Day, June 1, 2000. He will be missed but his music will live forever.

On Latin Vibe!, mallets are made for more than just hitting drums. Residing on this great CD, the listener will find 12 compositions including "Arthur's Dance" and "Descarga Canelon" by the Carribean Jazz Project that spotlight the mastery of Dave Samuels on vibes. "Stepping Stone" features the dynamic duo of Ray Vega sharing his excellent Latin jazz insight on trumpet with Joe Locke on a very select solo that burns right up and down the scales. Cal Tjader's "Aleluia" and "Speak Low" should remind newcomers to the world of Latin jazz of the brilliance of this great musician and should solidify their understanding of why he is still celebrated as one of today's most important vibists. Gary Burton excites the aural senses with "Tanguedia," just one of his great compositions inspired by his productive association with tango master Astor Piazolla. "Morning," the soulful Poncho Sanchez composition with Reuben Estrada on vibes, brings the world together with the right Latin vibe. As the first release from the Colors of Latin Jazz series, this CD smokes and fills the room with a "Latin vibe" that's rhythmically positive and fulfilling.
---Paula Edelstein, allmusic

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